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Cash for Cars in Madison, Ga

Junk Auto Car is based in Georgia, US. We purchase cars irrespective of their condition, make, and model. Whether you have a fifteen-year-old jalopy leaking oil on your driveway or an eight-year-old BMW that won’t start, we’ll quickly make a cash offer for your car. With years of experience dealing with junk cars, we can offer you the most for your vehicle.


If you want to sell a junk car in Madison, GA, whether it’s absolute junk or slightly serviceable, contact us. We’re a professional junk car buyer in Madison, GA, that makes it easier and faster to sell a vehicle. Usually, we’ll be able to pick up your vehicle within two days.

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We Buy Junk Cars in

Madison, GA in Three Steps

1. Give us a call:

Call us directly at (678) 768-4433 and get an instant quote from one of our professionals. They’ll let you know much cash we’ll be able to offer you for your junk car.

2. Receive a free tow:

Get a free junk car removal service in Madison, GA. We only appoint licensed tow trucks, so we’re able to pick up cars fast and according to your schedule. We provide pickups for any junk car, regardless of its condition, make, or model.

3. Get cash now

By directly dealing with us, you will get the biggest cash offer possible – guaranteed!

Feel Free To inquire!

Junk Auto Car serves the whole Madison, GA, area. While 24-hour or same-day pickup is available in certain instances, please feel free to inquire!

We Accept Cars

under These Conditions

A car with extensive mechanical problems or severe bodily damage can be expensive, complex, stressful, and frustrating to fix. Why waste your hard-earned money and time putting your energy into something that may still keep on giving you problems down the road? Whether your car doesn’t run due to a mechanical issue or was in an accident, turn your unusable car into cash. Junk Auto Car will make you the highest money offer possible so you can put your energy into buying a new vehicle instead of wasting your time.

Are you aware of the fact that many vehicle owners have the right to salvage their own wrecked or totaled vehicle instead of going through insurance? So why would you want your insurance company to assign a low salvage value for your totaled vehicle? Often, you’ll be ending up being paid a lot more with Junk Auto Car. With us, you get a higher cash payout, and we get to handle your junk car. A win-win situation for everyone!

Whether from a river swelling, hurricane, or otherwise, even a little water exposure to the internal electrical/mechanical components can cause critical damage. A repaired car having a history of water damage can be challenging to sell. Junk Auto Car makes it easy as we can make you a cash offer that covers not just your deductible but also a lot more – even if your insurance company declares your vehicle a total loss due to water damage!

Are you in search of someone who buys junk cars in Madison, GA? If yes, give Junk Auto Car a call now and take advantage of our free junk car removal as well.